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Whoa Baby Studio is a collaboration of love between

Julie Papageorge

Metalsmith, Jeweler, Sculptor, Art Educator


David Doran

Wood Sculptor, Potter, Jeweler

Wanting to combine our love of wood and metal into our wedding bands we decided that Mokume Gane would best represent our love for each other and also our talents.

We studied at Rio Grande in Albuquerque NM, with master metalsmiths Chris Ploof and Jim Binion. Spending 6 days immersed in learning the ancient Japanese metal technique;

it captured our imagination. Deciding to not only share our lives together, we committed to sharing Whoa Baby Studio.


My intensive jewelry/metals training at Massachusetts College of Art along with my past production and custom jewelry experience, prepared me to teach him all the processes needed to transition him into the jewelry studio. 


David’s understanding of wood and listening to it’s nuances, has set him up with an intrinsic sense of pattern allowing him to naturally and masterfully create Mokume Gane.


We combine both our strengths to create more than one line of fine hand crafted jewelry.  We offer you a unique blend of hand pattered, one of a kind sterling silver and copper Mokume Gane bracelets and earrings.

In addition we create hand-carved lost wax cast one of a kind rings and brooches, accented with opals and pearls.

We also offer a limited production run of studio jewelry in Sterling Silver and Bronze. 


My work has, and always will be inspired by the world around me.


His work is inspired by the “whole” of nature and listening to the soul of the materials. 


Together our jewelry is inspired by:

Japanese metalwork and culture

Serious craftsmanship and intent.

The beauty of the ocean & its inhabitants,

the forest with it’s glorious and varied flora & fauna. 

The relentless destruction and consistent rejuvenation

of the earth’s formation.


And on a lighter note, inspiration is also found

in the world of pop culture, the surreal,

oddball humor and Mid-Century kitsch.


Together we hope you find delight in all the things we make and sell.

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