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Guri Bori is generally recognized to be the origin of Mokume-Gane. It is the metalsmithing technique that involves layering and fusing many different colors and types of metal then carving intricate patterns with chisels and burrs.

Japanese Guri Bori sword mounts display beautiful carved layers of metals and fine technical craftsmanship. This was thought to be inspired by the Chinese Guri style of carving lacquer.

Guri is a technique where arabesque and Warabi-te patterns are carved into layers of red, black, yellow and other colored lacquers. Works using Guri had been created from the Sung to Ming dynastic periods in China.

In Japan, Guri items started to be imported around the Muromachi era (mid-14 century) and they were much prized as tea utensils according to tea ceremony records from that time.

Antique Japanese End Cap for Sword Fitting
Guri Bori End Cap.jpg
Mount Fuji Bracelet Sterling Silver & Copper
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